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Multi-Layered Security Plan (MSP) With the ever-increasing access to the internet, and all the ways that information can be exploited, it is imperative that the integrity of company/corporate data/information receive the utmost attention in its protection. That responsibility rests in the hands of capable and competent Internet Technology (IT) professionals, who stay abreast of emerging technologies, to be able to make recommendations to upper management. The sophistication and organization of those intent on breaching systems of today has never been greater, and they will only get better as time goes on. The purpose of this of this outline is to provide necessary information for the Networking Division Monthly Report, aimed at addressing security concerns for the seven domains of IT infrastructure for Richmond Investments. Beginning with the User Domain, the first and most important step to be taken is education of all employees on the Policies and Procedures that are already in place. It is recommended that monthly training take place and be documented. There should also be monthly auditing, to ensure that the training is taking place, who is participating, and that report should be seen by upper management. The Users should be aware of the consequences of violations of the security policy, and they should expect and anticipate that there will be random and routine monitoring of their actions. Actions to protect the Workstation Domain is also a critical link, since most of the issues can originate from this location. Strict access privilege should be implemented and enforced. The use of protective programs, such as malware and virus detection and eradication is paramount. Very stringent control should be placed upon what the Users can or cannot insert into the workstations is a key safeguard, via media ports, such as thumb drives, CDs, or any...

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