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Nt2580 Unit 1

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NT2580-M1 Introduction to Information Security
Unit 1: Information Systems Security Fundamentals
2015-Summer, 6/20/2015, Saturday (9:00am – 1:30pm)
Student Name ___________________________________
Lesson Plan
Theory (in class, Lab #2)……………………………..…………………..……...2

Kim and Solomon, Chapter 1: Information Systems Security.

Student Assignments for this Unit
Unit 1 Lab Perform Reconnaissance & Probing Using ZenMap GUI (Nmap)

Lab #1: Performing Network Reconnaissance using Common Tools
Overview and access vLab..............................................................................................3

Part 1: Exploring the Tools used in the Virtual Lab Environment……………16
Unit 1 Assignment Match Risks/Threats to Solutions

Part 2: Connecting to a Linux Machine …………………. .........................44
Unit 1 Assignment Impact of a Data Classification Standard

Part 3: Using Zenmap to Perform Basic Reconnaissance ……………………59

A. SYLLABUS………………………………………………..……..………….69
B. Forgot your password?………………………………………………..……..73
Instructor: Yingsang “Louis” HO
Tel: 425-241-8080 (cell), (206) 244-3300 (school)


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Unit 1: Information Systems Security Fundamentals
Learning Objective

Explain the concepts of information systems security (ISS) as applied to an IT infrastructure. Key Concepts

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) concepts

Layered security solutions implemented for the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure 

Common threats for each of the seven domains

IT security policy framework

Impact of data classification standard on the seven domains


Kim and Solomon, Chapter 1: Information Systems Security.


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