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Nt2640 Week 4

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Chapter 11
Answer the following review questions.
1. Imagine that you have configured the enable secret command, followed by the enable password command, from the console. You log out of the switch and log back in at the console. Which command defines the password that you had to enter to access privileged mode?
d. The password command, if it’s configured

2. An engineer had formerly configured a Cisco router to allow Telnet access so that the switch expected a password of mypassword from the Telnet user. The engineer then changed the configuration to support Secure Shell. Which of the following commands could have been part of the new configuration?
C. A transport input ssh command in vty config mode
3. The following command was copied and pasted into configuration mode when a user was telnetted into a Cisco router:
Banner login this is the login banner
Which of the following are true about what occurs the next time a user logs in from the console?
D. The banner text “Login banner configured, no text defined” is displayed.

4. Which of the following features would you typically expect to be associated with the router CLI, but not with the switch CLI?
C. The ip address dhcp command

5. You just bought two Cisco routers for use in a lab, connecting each router to a different LAN switch with their Fa0/0 interfaced. You also connected the two routers’ serial interfaces using a back-to-back cable. Which of the following steps is not required to be able to forward IP on both routers’ interfaces?
c. Configuring the clock rate command on one router’s serial interface 6. The output of the show ip interface brief command on R1 lists interface status codes of “down” and “down” for interface Serial 0/0. Which of the following could be true?
C. R1’s serial interface does not have a serial cable installed.

7. Which of the following commands does not...

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