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Nuclear Power Plants

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Nuclear Power Plants
As human beings we need to find a safe, reliable, long term solution to our energy needs. Researchers need to find and provide information to encourage the building of nuclear power plants. Researchers should present information that leads to building more nuclear power plants in order to provide a long term, a reliable, safer energy solution.
The first reason why researchers should present information is to offer a long term energy solution. Nuclear power plants can last for years when taken care of properly. Indian point in upstate New York is a key example of a properly used power plant. According to Rudolph W. Giuliani, “ Nuclear power has proven to be an essential component of our region’s overall electric supply.” (Giuliani). With that it shows how it has been viewed very helpful first hand by the former mayor of New York City. A long term energy solution such as nuclear power will make it easier for people to have a more reliable energy source.
The second reason why researchers should present information is to provide a reliable energy source. The nuclear power plants will produce a mass amount of reliable energy. Indian point has provided a reliable source of energy for the state of New York through two hurricanes and has not stopped. Security is a big factor in making our nuclear power plants reliable. According to James Mahaffey, “Anticipating problems, the Generation III reactor have stepped up to all forms of peripheral security, from fences and armed guards to choke points for cars and trucks inside facility grounds.” (Mahaffey). Reliable energy sources will help the human population find a reliable energy source that has low CO2 emissions.
The third reason why researchers should present information to build nuclear power plants is to help lower emissions. By building...

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