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Nujood Age 10

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A Day Germany
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I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced

February 2008

My family is very poor right now. We have little to no money and everyday father has to sit on the sidewalk and beg for money. Sometimes me and my siblings do this too. It isn’t fun and it makes me feel ashamed. There is nothing to it but to do it I remind myself. Father has met a man who delivers packages everywhere on his motorcycle. His name is Faez Ali Thamer and he is looking for a wife. My two big sisters are already married so my father is deciding who will be married off next. I do wonder who will marry the man in his 30’s but of course it won’t be me or my younger sisters. We are far too young. I can’t wait for the celebration of him and his wife however! Weddings are always such joyful events!

Aba (Nujood’s Father): Nujood doesn’t know this quite yet but she is the one who will marry Faez Ali Thamer. She is the logical chose since she is the eldest of the unmarried girls. Her older sisters are already married and now Nujood is at the good age of 10 and ready to be married. I have made up my mind and nobody is going to change it. Not even Mona; Nujood’s older sister can. She has repeatedly shared her thoughts on the marriage and made it clear she does not agree. She thinks that Nujood is too young, she is wrong. Nujood will be married regardless of Mona’s or anyone else’s opinions. We don’t have enough money for anything anyway, this way it’s one less mouth to feed.

February Evening in 2008
My brother Fares has become very needy. He wants more than mom and dad can give him. He ran away and is no where to be seen. I miss him, I wish that he would come back. He called last night and said that he is in Saudi Arabia and he has become a Sheppard. He said that he is doing good and everything is fine. I wasn’t the one talking to him but I could hear his...

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