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Comparison Paper
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September 28, 2015
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Comparison Paper
The Los Angeles County is one of the largest counties in the US that deals with a very diverse community and population. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health protects health, prevents disease, and promotes the health and well-being for all persons in Los Angeles County. Our focus is on the population as a whole, and we conduct our activities through a network of public health professionals throughout the community. Public health nurses make home visits to families with communicable diseases. Epidemiologists investigate the sources of disease outbreaks; environmental health specialists ensure safe food, water, and housing; and all work with community coalitions to advocate for public policies to protect and improve health (Department of Public Health, 2014). Los Angeles County provides health services through different series. Los Angeles Public Health website provides resources of different types of health programs. These programs conduct activities through public health professionals throughout the community. Some of the focuses of the Los Angeles County public health through public health professionals are to ensure the community’s safety, preventative diseases, and immunizations for children and providing primary health education. The California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) mission dedicates to optimizing the health and well-being of the people in California. Their vision is to have healthy individuals and families in healthful communities. To carry out their mission, CDPH embrace several core values, such as collaboration, competence, equity, integrity, respect, responsibility, trust, and vision. CDPH also holds certain core activities. These core activities are to promote healthy lifestyles for individuals and families,…...

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