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According to Lake and von Baeyer’s article, “Tips for Successful Students”; “A” students have qualities that set them apart from others, among them are curiosity, attitude, attendance and thus resulting in a prosperous learning experience. I am willing to try anything and go back for seconds especially if I’ve learned something and it is fun.

I have always been one of those people who ask why? From the time I was a little girl my mom would say why do you always ask WHY? I’m curious about my world. When I’m learning new material I approach it as an opportunity. If for some reason I am having trouble, I ask myself why and how can I get the answer I need. I am also a firm believer in goal setting. We need short-term goals; it’s nice when we can celebrate! Why not celebrate often? Of course we need long term or big goals as well, more celebrating and then sharing what we’ve learned and have accomplished with others to make the world better.

Perhaps I need to remember not to overthink. Each person leaners in a different manner, therefore I myself need to remember that my instructor and I are a team. I do look forward to working with other nursing students, collaborating our efforts in order to complete our projects. We all come from different backgrounds and have a multitude of experience. I feel that the sharing of information and resources is an exciting way for all of us to learn.

Finally, the one skill I need to re-aquire is time management. I need to remember to not sweat the small stuff if I want to learn what the big picture really has to offer me. I believe that if you have a common goal with your classmates, everyone needs remembers to stay on task and meet deadlines then our stress levels will be well managed.


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