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Nurse Informatics


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Nurse Informatics
Shannon S Goff
Western Governors University

Nursing Assignment
The technology necessary to meet the federally mandated requirements which will affect the merged healthcare organizations. Electronic health records with satellite facilities supported by remote technology.
Electronic health records emerged as one of the most relevant topics in health care; EHRs are central in the strategy of federal government to transform health care providing in the U.S. (Henricks, 2011). Federal actions are promoting EHR in order to guarantee important implications for nursing practices. The technology implies also payment penalties for those providers who do not manage to meet the requirements of EHRs use. EHR technology has to be certified according to technical and functional criteria that are set forth by the government. The using of EHR technology is significantly important for laboratories (Henricks, 2011) since the certification criteria of EHR have to be related directly to laboratory testing or laboratory management. Federal government identified the goals for improving healthcare and EHRs are central for these goals. EHRs with satellite facilities aims at the following points, it should: * improve safety, efficiency, and quality of public healthcare and reduce people's health disparities; * engage the patients and their families in healthcare services; * improve healthcare coordination; * improve public health and population in general; * reduce costs; * maintain security and privacy of health information provided by the patients (Henricks, 2011). Electronic health records become more and more usual. The use of electronic health records can improve patients' care, increase the productivity and benefits of health care agencies and also decrease practice costs. The American Institute of Medicine has estimated that

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