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Nurse Practice Act

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Nursing Practice Act Rules
Cindy Hersey
Fortis College
November 05, 2013

A professional nurse who lacks the knowledge, ability to understand, and competence to delegate care appropriately not only Puts the patient at risk for injury, but also puts his or hers license in jeopardy. The practice of nursing requires specialized

Knowledge, skill, and independent decision making. The purpose of delegation was put into perspective when Corazzini et al. (2010) said delegation by RNs is a primary mechanism for ensuring that professional nursing standards of care reach the

Bedside. RNs must be made aware of which nursing tasks can be delegated and which cannot. Most importantly , they must know that basic delegation skills will be expected in their first nursing job (Huston, 2008).

Nursing Practice Acts are set up in each state to protect individuals who are being taken care of by nurses from unprofessional or unsafe nursing practices. Although the Nursing Practice Acts vary from state to state they all include information on the board of nursing, education standards, requirements for titles and licenses and grounds for disciplinary action. Also included are the standards and scope of nursing practice, these are the sections that will be focused on here (Nurse Practice Act Rules and Regulations, 2013).
In the nursing field delegation is the process of transferring a selected task to another individual who is competent to perform the selected task. It is very important for the person who is delegating tasks to know the legal responsibilities when handing out the variety of tasks to various health care workers. First the focus will be on the delegation of nursing tasks that are outlined in the Subsection 58-31b-102. It states that the nurse may delegate tasks but will retain the accountability of the delegated tasks and for the nursing care of the...

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