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Nursing Calendar 2015

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NUR 108 Calendar
Fall 2015 WEEK/DATE/TOPIC | CLASS PREPARATION | DUE BY START OF CLASS | WEEK 1: 8/26/15Course Introduction | Readings in BB: 1) “Baccalaureate Essentials” pp. 1-10 2) “Future of Nursing” 3) “ANA Scopes and Standards Update” 4) Review “History of Nursing Fact Sheet”Assignment in Chabner: pp. 2-14 | Student Information Sheet (submit in BB prior to class) | WEEK 2: 9/02/15Secret to Academic SuccessStudent Council Nominees | Readings in BB: 1) “SMART Goals”Assignment in Chabner: pp. 15-27 | Obstacles to Academic Success Worksheet (bring to class)Image of Journal Nursing Entry in BB | WEEK 3: 9/09/15Settings and Methods for Nursing EducationGuest Speaker: Dr. Kirkpatrick | Readings in BB: 1) “High Fidelity Patient Simulation in Nursing Education”Assignment in Chabner: pp. 28-43 | Personal Plan for Academic Success in BB dropbox | WEEK 4: 9/16/15Socialization into NursingGuest Speakers: Student Organization, Cooperative and Study Abroad representativesMeet in DLR Atrium | Readings in BB: 1) “Role of Professional Organizations in Advocating for the Nursing Profession”Readings in “Ten Steps…” pp. 2-49Assignment in Chabner: pp. 236-239 | Quiz #1 on Chabner pp. 2-49, online in BB (quiz will close ten minutes before start of class) | WEEK 5: 9/23/15Personal and Professional Responsibilities: Evidence Based Practice, Finding the EvidenceGuest Speakers: Vicki Killion & Bethany McGowen Overview of Paper & APA | Readings in BB: 1) “Igniting a Spirit of Inquiry: An Essential Foundation for Evidence-Based Practice”Readings in “Ten Steps…”: pp. 50-69Assignment in Chabner: pp. 253-262 | | WEEK 6: 9/30/15Personal and Professional Responsibilities: EBP/Safety/QI | Readings in BB: 1) “Addressing the Quality and Safety Gap Part I” | Academic Success Evaluation Journal Entry in BBDatabase Search Assignment in BBQuiz # 2 on…...

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