Nursing Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan
Jeff S.
University of Phoenix
Course Number Nur/391
November 18, 20

Professional Development
The field of nursing attracted me for several reasons. The first being, that a nurse is the frontline person caring for others living or dyeing. Nurses many times will discover patients who need immediate attention before physician will and it’s up to the nurse to respond accordingly within the scope of their practice to take care of that patient. That attracted me because years ago I thought of going to medical school after high school but lack of money prevented that, nursing was not introduced to me till later while attending a ACLS class at a local collage in which the instructor was a R.N., she thought I was a person whom would be good at nursing. I then searched and found out what nursing had to offer, which seemed to be along the lines of a M.D. but without the length of schooling and residency.
I have been able to find a job in different areas of nursing and now working in a perioperative setting which presently meets my carrier goals. Working in an enviroment that has high technology and being self motivated, working with different disciplines and a 12 hour work days three days a week keeps me attracted. The philosophy of nursing goes beyond culture, religious beliefs, geographic location; it sometimes becomes a part of us and who we are. Though a good percentage of nurses are in this profession for economic reasons a lot of the leadership I have worked with have had high standards and reflected a positive philosophy of nursing practice. The definition of a philosophy is “a statement of a belief that is used as a bases for thinking and acting.”(Chitty & Black, 2007 p319). In this paper three different topics will be discussed are…...