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I guess you and Dewey thought that u weren't going to get caught corresopnding with each other. It's cool, I sure hope you and your husband have enough room for him. The nerve of him to try to keep something from me, after I have taken care of his ass for the last 7 years. That mother fucker don't have a pot to piss in. everything we have I have gotten it. I put up with a lot of his shit and this is the last straw. As for you, u supposed to be married right? Wonder what your husband will say when he finds out. Cause believe me you he will find out. Just like I found you and Dewey's conversations on facebook I WILL let him in on the secret. What if another women was doing this to you, with your husband. Women like you are the reason why women like me have to go to jail. Don't get me wrong, Dewey won't be the reason for the charge. The princeable will be the reason. You stay the hell away from my husband until I decide to finalize everything. Don't fuck with me Nichole, if he wasn't happy then I could have let him go years ago. But for the sake of my marriage and kids i stayed to try to make it work. And the shit that he has put me through, I basisically went through them for nothing. Yeah, The way I feel right now, I wouldn't fuck with me. TRUST ME!


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Scholarship Nursing Essay was sent home with an open wound where a nurse would perform wound care at home. I helped the nurse change the dressing and I thought it was extraordinary how it was done. Since then I was determined to become a nurse and I sure did. Right out of high school at the age of 16, I went straight into pre nursing classes at Miami Dade College, I then transferred to City College in Fort Lauderdale and began my ASN on October 2007 and graduated in December 2009. I began working on a Medical Surgical floor for one year and then went on to Pediatrics. I always wanted to work for Baptist Health so I applied a million times until I finally got the position as an RN at the Baptist Urgent Care at University Centre. I truly love my profession and wake up happy when I go to work. I was born to do this. My career and educational goals are to obtain my BSN, not only because Baptist requires it but, I desire to learn and grow in my career starting with achieving the PNAP (Professional Nurse Advancement Placement) in the career ladder. After obtaining my BSN, which I have been accepted into University of Phoenix, I want to achieve another dream of mine, which is to teach nursing students in the clinical field. My desire is to continue to grow with the Baptist Health family and continue making a positive impact on every...

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