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Business Foundations

Part 1: Human resource management
1. Identify three human resource problems that are evident at the Last Resort Retirement Community? Each problem should be explained in 100 words or less.

Approaches to Leadership is an evident Human Resource problem, the CEO of Last Resort’s Community’s participative management style (free-rein style) differed from the newly hired Director Gersick’s autocratic management style. Kerrigan delegated the decision – making authority to levels of management at various points below the top level. This pattern of decentralized organization decision – making was effective when his past Director of Nursing Martha Kane was acting as the informal leader in the nursing home her strong problem solving skill was effective in maintaining morale and professionalism amongst the departments. However, once Martha had left the organization the decision making hierarchy was unclear and with the introduction of a new director along with her centralized decision making philosophy chaos and confusion was created amongst the departments. The current organization chart does not provide a clear understanding the authority level. This was demonstrated during a discussing between Kerrigan and Gersick regarding the performance of a physical therapist.

Employee Behaviour is one of the Human resources problems that is evident at the Last Resort, the negative performance behaviours of the department heads and Managers have also resulted in counterproductive behaviours from other employees. Gersick’s own hot temper and outburst at staff was damaging moral and resulted in turnovers. An example of this occurred when a long-time loyal employee, Baylor submitted her resignation due to Gersick’s management style. Baylor was an example of an employee that demonstrated organizational citizenship, her work behaviour was that of what...

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