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Nursing Informatics and Emerging Technologies

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Informatics and Emerging Technology in Healthcare
Judi A. Gentes
Franklin Pierce College

Health informatics is relatively new with increased interest during the 1980’s and has expanded rapidly over the past couple years (Dalrymple,2011). It is a multidisciplinary field that uses health information technology to improve healthcare with the combination of higher quality, higher efficiency and new opportunities. All of which are designed to improve the overall effectiveness of patient care. Health informatics tools promote patient care that is safe, efficient, effective, timely and patient centered.
The ANA Online Journal of Issues in Nursing identifies seven emerging technologies that will change the practice of nursing and three skill sets nursing will need to develop to acquire and use these emerging technologies.

Table 1. Seven Emerging Technologies that Are Changing the Practice of Nursing | Technology | Benefits | Challenges | Genetics and Genomics | The majority of disease risk, health conditions and the therapies used to treat those conditions have a genetic and/or genomic element influenced by environmental, lifestyle, and other factors therefore impacting the entire nursing profession. | Many nurses currently in practice know little about genetics and genomics and lack the competence needed to effectively counsel and teach patients in this regard. | Less Invasive and More Accurate Tools for Diagnostics and Treatment | Non-invasive and minimally invasive tools for diagnostics and treatment generally result in lower patient risk and cost. | The rate at which noninvasive and minimally invasive tools are being introduced makes ongoing competency regarding their use a challenge for nurses. | 3-D Printing | Bioprinters, using a "bio-ink" made of living cell mixtures can build a 3D structure of cells, layer by layer, to form human tissue and...

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