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Nursing Informative Essay

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Nursing Informative Essay

Imagine just for a minute being in a hospital. Have you ever wondered who is always taking care of different patients almost at the same time? Or how it is possible that medicine is so advanced compared to years before? I have the answer. The nurse is the person in charge of taking care of patients, and medicine is so advanced thanks to the technology we have nowadays. I chose to be a Registered Nurse (RN), but I know is not an easy job because they have to perform different job duties. Not everyone can become a nurse, in fact, to be one, you need some requisites first. Afterward, medicine has become improved because of the advances we have on technology. When people choose Registered Nursed (R.N.) as their career they have to perform various job obligations. According to a website called “Monster” registered nurses have to “provide direct patient care and report any changes in patient status to the doctor treating the patient”. The nurse also “needs to keep in contact with the patient to let the patient know he is in good hands and good care”. In addition to that, the doctor always “needs to be informed about any change in the patient’s health” so he knows what medicines give the patient to become healthy again.

Additionally, the same website also addresses that “they also need to update the condition of the patient to their family members and about the trainings, medicines and precautions that the patient needs to take as per plan of care.” The patient is not going to be in the hospital under a nurse’s care forever, so the nurse needs to inform the family how to take care of the patient. The nurse needs to tell them about the medicines the have to give the patient, the care he needs, and the precautions they need to take. According to Earth Charter section 1, number 2 we need to “care for the community of life with...

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