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WEEK ONE: LEADING, MANAGING & FOLLOWING (Chapter 1, p. 3-21) 1. Relate leadership and other motivational theories to behaviors that serve as important functions of professional nursing. a. Leadership theories i. Trait theories: 1. 2. Innate leadership skills: being born with a certain set of physical and emotional characteristics for inspiring others to reach a common goal ii. Style theories: 3. 4. How leaders behave in certain environments and situations. a. Democratic: you care about what others think b. Lasae faire: no structure; people can do what they want c. Authoritarian: you are in charge iii. Situational-contingency theories 5. 6. These theories consider the challenge of a situation and encourage an adaptive leadership style to complement the issue being faced. Assess, assess, assess 7. You are typically democratic; you assess the situation and change your style based on what the situation is. iv. Transformational theories 8. 9. Inspires, motivates, empowers, mentors, provides intellectual stimulation and promotes creativity b. Motivational Theories v. Hierarchy of needs 10. 11. Low level needs will always drive behavior before higher levels needs can be addressed. For example, pain level, nutrition, and energy level need to be considered before delivering patient education. vi. Two-factor theory 12. 13. Must have good working conditions as well as recognition and achievement. High salary alone is not enough to create job satisfaction. vii. Expectancy theory 14. 15. Providing specific feedback about positive...

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