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Research Summary and Ethical Consideration

A growth in hospital acquired infections has been linked to inadequate hand hygiene in hospitals causing a huge number of patients each year. “Most healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are spread by direct contact, especially via the hands of health care worker” ( Gould, 2011, P. 1). Even though hospital employees are usually knowledgeable about the consequence of inadequate hand hygiene, compliance of health care workers with suggested hand washing practices remains commonly poor. The easy procedure of hand washing hands save patients’ lives, but unhygienic hand practices continues to place patients at dangerous risk. According to World Health Organization (WHO) (2009), “each year, hundreds of millions of patients around the world are affected by health care associated infections”. Many of the diseases and conditions are avoidable via proper hand washing. Therefore, hand hygiene believed to be one of most vital techniques against the spread of infection.
The spread of organisms from the hands of hospital employees is the main basis of cross-infection in healthcare settings and can be avoided by proper hand hygiene. “Nurses have hands-on daily contact with their patients and therefore play a vital role in patient safety and infection control” (Smith, 2009, P.1). Nurses working in hospitals play a vital role in advancing evidenced-based hand washing routines, which will guarantee the excellent care for the patients. The purpose of this study is to identify clinical nurses’ practices and opinions about hand washing. The author wants to discover the reason for non-compliance with hand washing and examine the quality of hand washing. Although supplies and education on hand hygiene is available, the spread of health care associate infection (HAI) continues to be a problem.
This study is a qualitative study and a…...