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Nursing Shortages & Solutions

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Nursing Shortages and Solutions
Seketha Silas
Walden University
Nurs 3001-6, Issues & Trends in Nursing
September 8, 2013

This assignment is about the concerns of the nursing shortage locally, nationally and globally. It will address some of the reasons and solutions for the nursing shortages. The purpose of this paper is to understand the nursing shortages and discuss some implementations that may help to resolve the shortages.
Although, the country is experiencing an economic recession, think about January 2014 when millions of Americans will be able to get health insurance. Nursing may be the answer to some of the key healthcare and employment problems the US is struggling with right now. Lindsey (2013) states “with the graying of America has come a shortage of healthcare professionals, especially nurses. From 2009 to 2011, 85 percent of Associate Degree Nursing programs turned away qualified applicants.” (para 1) Nursing programs at some schools are closed due to funding cuts. There is lack of faculty at schools to train nurses. The lack of faculty to train new nurses definitely can cause concern for nursing shortages. Applicants are being turned away. Nurse educators have to endure lower salaries along with unrealistic expectations about their academic roles. Some nursing faculty is expected to balance their academic roles along with advancing their expertise and managing clinical practice. The lower salaries are sometimes lower than their colleagues working in clinical settings.
Hutson (2014) states also “nursing is a graying population even more so than the population at large. This means that nursing workforce is retiring at a faster rate than it can be replaced.“ (para 3) The aging nurses are retiring and this makes the nursing shortage even more. The chronic illnesses and complexity of clients will acquire more high level educated nurses....

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