Nursing Standards of Practice

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Outline the process for developing nursing standards of practice and identify the different entities that might be involved in developing a standard of practice.
Nursing standards of practice are vital to ensure patients received quality care and encompass the caring and professional aspects of nursing. These guidelines clearly designate what nurses should or should not do and are also a template for excellent, competent care. In order to develop nursing standards of practice one must be mindful of these requirements. The standards of practice shall:
1. Be considered as the baseline for quality nursing care
2. Be developed in relation to the law governing nursing practice
3. Apply to the registered nurse practicing in any setting
4. Govern the practice of the licensee at all levels of practice
Nurses should evaluate what area the nursing standard of practice that they are developing fits into. There are six main categories of practice to choose from: Assessment, Analysis, Outcome Identification, Planning, Implementation or Evaluation. The new standard that is being developed needs to clearly outline what the profession expects of its members, how it will promote, guide or direct the nursing practice and how it will assist in improved understanding and response in the nursing role.
There are several different entities that might be involved with the development of a new standard of practice. “Federal and state laws, rules and regulation and other professional agencies/organizations help define standards of practice. They are developed by professional organizations, usually at the national level, to establish norms for the average practitioner. The ANA and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) have established nationally recognized standards of care. These standards can hold nurses accountable, regardless of their area or…...