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Nursing Vision for the Future

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Nursing, as a profession, continues to be a growing and changing entity. As nurses, we must consider that our future is going to be much different than our past. This presentation will review four major topics that are worth consideration, and hopefully provide food for thought about each nurse’s plans and goals for his or her own career in the future. We will discuss evidence-based practice, nursing theory, research, and nursing roles and opportunities. Each of these topics includes a myriad of ideas, publications, and opportunities for self assessment and growth.
Evidence-based nursing, evidenced-based practice, and evidence-based medicine are all based on the idea that health care treatment has transitioned from “practice that was based on intuition, experience, clinical skills and guesswork” to practice based in science (Chitty, 2010, p. 258). This has allowed nurses to make decisions based on research, and to provide the most skilled, advanced, and expert care.
Nurses should know where to find research to support evidence-based care decisions. According to Ciliska, Haynes, and Marks (2013), a nurse could review textbooks, online data bases, journal articles, and the internet. One should consider that both consolidated and distilled information resources are available, and remember that distilled information resources do not always provide the most accurate and up to date information. The consolidate resources can be plentiful and one may have some difficulty choosing which research documents to review when searching for a specific topic. Chitty (2010) suggested using the PICO tool, which is also referred to as the PICOT tool (Langara College, 2015). This tool is a five step process for “streamlining” the process of selecting appropriate research. It includes consideration of Population (describes a group of patients similar to yours, Intervention...

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