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The implementation of the new EMR system to the hospital will provide ease of information access, protected PHI, and help eliminate errors in our everyday use.

Benefits Increase quality of care Bedside charting access Ability to access your patients records at one time All information in one place

• The implementation of the EHR will open up the employee to gain access to all the patient records available within one system. This includes x-rays, labs, notes, care plans, etc. • With secured passwords available to each employee, the employ is able to review current and past reports to increase the quality of care for that patient. • Accessing the chart at bedside will help prevent wrong patient errors.

Vulnerability The wondering eye Hackers Curious employees

• The patient health information(PHI) will be more vulnerable with the fact that the computer screens either on handhelds or desktops are more easily accessible to everyone's eyes who pass by them. • The risk of hackers getting into the system is also a risk for PHI to be breeched. • Curiosity of employees shows to be a risk involved with EHR. Employees have the risk of entering PHI when they want some information on the patient, even when it is not their patient or relevant to that patients care.


Firewalls Encryption Password protection Limited access


• Manufacturers of the EHR create firewalls and encrypted information to help prevent from hackers entering the system. • Every employee of the facility will have a secure password to enter the system. • The password will only let the employee into the area that is relevant to that employees unit or type of care the employee...

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