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Nutrition Concepts and Controversies

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Nutrition Concepts and Controversies


Nutrition can be defined as the process of absorbing nutrients from food and processing them in the body for growth, replacement of tissues, and maintenance of good health. Historically, women have been responsible for cooking and providing meals for their families. Often, that food was grown in the family garden or local community. The women may not have had much formal education, but they seemed to know, almost instinctively, what was good for their families. Life was less complex earlier in time, and fewer food choices existed. The evolution of technology and modern farming techniques has caused a great deal of change in the quality of our food. Water, soil, and air pollution are depleting our soil of vitamins essential for good health, and an increase in the amounts of food additives, chemicals, sugar, and unhealthy fats in our foods has contributed to the increase in chronic diseases present in society. Therefore, it is critical that people learn as much as they can about their nutritional needs and the connection between their diet and their health. This paper will review of basic nutrition. This paper discussed nutrients in foods and nutrients diet constituents. Further, it will cover Nutrients and the Human Genome along with emphasis on diseases associated with poor nutrition. In last, the paper will address Nutritional Challenges within Families. There are many good introductory nutrition texts and books, where the basics of food, nutrition, and health as can be found, however, this paper is drawn heavily from the textbook by Frances Sizer and Ellie Whitney entitled Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies 11th Edition.


Nutrients in Food

Technically, nutrients are families of molecules in food or components of food that are indispensible for the...

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