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The Origin of my current attitude about reading and writing My immediate family all home schooled but I am pretty sure every one of us has a different story to tell about our origin of reading and writing. For me, it was not easy at first but it became easier when everything fell into place. My mother was diagnosed with a disease condition known as dyslexia while she was still in school but she struggled through it and graduated from high school despite the fact that she was bullied almost every step of her school year. With this notion, I see onsite schooling as a challenge I may not be able to conquer. Schooling was boring to me, I do not like the way bullies treated other students and still I cannot do a thing about it, this made me hate school. Some of it was fun especially watching the cheerleaders practice and that was it. The classes seem to be too slow to finish because most of the after school hours for me was meant to study beyond the syllabus, so I realize I am way ahead of the teachers in school. As a result of my mother’s impairment, my sisters and I home schooled. My mother will read to us all the times even before I can read by myself. She will read novels to us about animals and their origin. When I was old enough with my reading, she made us read only nonfiction books because of their realness. The home school schedule was very tight but at least it was much fun doing this with my sisters and at my own space. My father hates the idea since we are always at home and he will rather have us go and come back in the evening. I was very impressed at my educational partway. On a sunny afternoon, my mother saw in the newspaper that high school students are to write and since I have been groomed with reading and writing, this will not be a problem at all. The preparation for the competition was not easy since I have to write more than required so I can be well prepared. I had my sister alongside with my mother proof read my writings and they were more than impressed. I came third during the competition and I became fully interested in reading and writing to get scholarships for my advanced career, since money was a bit tight for us. The colleges will sponsor a student if you can write good essays and article for publication. I have won many scholarships since then till date just from writing piece and recently, my article was just published in the health session of the local newspaper in my area. It was a dream come through since I am looking to major in Journalism and I cannot achieve this without skills with reading and the ability to be able to write a comprehensive details out of whatever piece that was read. Most of the times, I do not read just for fun, I read newspapers, magazines, biographies since I know that I may end up writing a piece out of these works. I kept a diary about myself for a long time and I am hoping that one day I will have a write up about my amazing experience of how I became an amazing writer. In conclusion, writing is fun especially when the writer has a solid background and experience. As long as the audience is carried along, there will never be a dull moment, writing will flow and a good writer may never run out of ideas. All writings do not have to be comic. They can be real life issues that people can relate to.

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