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SCI/241 Nutrition Principles of Economics By Maggy Ostorga March 8, 2013 Instructor: Larisa Wilson

Our bodies are very much like fine-tuned machines and according to The Food Label and You video, the food you eat is the fuel that keeps you running. Therefore it is important to ensure that we are providing our bodies with the right nutrients as well as the appropriate amounts. To understand what amount and what type of nutrients you consume is to read the labels. Food labels are provided on all consumable goods to provide us with the products nutritional values. The labels are the guides we need to keep our machines in tiptop shape. Nutritional values can be found on the Nutrition label. To begin one must first understand what constitutes a serving size. Many times a packet contains more than one serving for instance, a box of cereal, a can of soup, or a liter of soda. Once a serving size has been determined one can begin to evaluate calories and daily values. If the contents indicate 18% of daily values then one future meal’s daily values can be adjusted not to exceed totally daily values of 100%.

Daily values should also be applied in the vitamin section of the Nutrition label. There is rule called 5/20 which helps us understand whether the foods contents have enough of the nutrients we require. Let’s say the person is on a high protein diet. A serving of peanut butter is 9% of total daily value. Because it is over 5% it is considered to be good source of protein. Anything under 5% of total daily value is not a good source of the nutrient.

I personally, do not eat a lot of meat. Therefore, I look for other avenues to supplement my total daily value of protein. As the chart describes, peanut butter contained the most amount of protein. However, it also contained the highest fat and calories on a daily value of a 2,000 calorie diet.…...

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