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Food enables your body to work functionally, grow and repair itself. Its main duty is to nourish and maintain the health of one both mentally and physically. The type of food eaten can affect the efficiency of these processes. It can be consumed in any form, a solid or liquid substance and can be taken into the body via the mouth, by tube or intravenously. Diet consists of the types of food eaten regularly and consumed by a person and the dietary habits of that individual. This consists of all meals throughout the day including snacks, which can be eaten in between meals, and in most cases contain a lot of sugar and fats taking up a huge majority of an individuals recommended daily intake allowance. Nutrients are a source of nourishment found in food and are chemical constituents that provide energy, support growth and provide normal and efficient functioning of the body and its processes. Examples of nutrients are Minerals, Proteins, Lipids (Fats), Vitamins and Carbohydrates.

- Nutritional Health Malnutrition is a serious condition that occurs when a person’s diet does not contain and receive the right amount of nutrients needed in order for it to function normally. This can occur both ways, with either under-nutrition, a deficiency of calories or nutrients from eating insufficient foods or a condition preventing a person from digesting particular nutrients, such as Ulcerated Colitis, and over-nutrition, a condition resulting from a person consuming too much of the wrong foods, a poor diet, or taking too many dietary supplements. Deficiency is the absence of a particular nutrient within the body which may be due to a lack of a nutrient in a person’s diet. It may also be influenced by a medical condition, as mentioned above, which aids in the preventing of certain nutrients from being absorbed from the diet into the blood. According to the British...

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...Press. Hert (2009) provides imperative evidence on the inadequacy of nutritional facilities through a study that was done on some students from the sports units of Hacettepe, Ankara and Gazi Universities in Ankara. From this study, it was noted that many students in the sports department including their coaches were not aware of their nutrition value even as they pursued their sport courses. This piece of study is important as it gives facts concerning availability of nutritionists in the universities and knowledge of students concerning their diet. In the paper, this source gives a general picture of the situation and can hence be used as a starting point. Baechle, T.R. (2008). Essentials of strength training and conditioning. Champaign: Human Kinetics. This source also provides important information concerning the major topic. The author of the book highlights the importance of healthy feeding in football and how lack of nutritional facilities in a sports college negatively affects the success of the footballers and athletes. Baechle (2008) also insists that most of the universities in America lack nutritional facilities thus affecting success of many American footballers. Biols, N. (2010). Sports, body and health. California: California University Press. This book also forms important source information for the paper. The writer tries to figure out and explain the effects of lacking nutritional facilities in most colleges in Switzerland. Biols (2010) claims that......

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