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ViSaVisalus Sciences is a health and nutrition company. But after doing my review I found they are a whole lot more than just that. Visalus has a mission to combine the passion of health and entrepreneurship to as many people as humanly possible, they are a company based on life, health, and prosperity. Visalus Sciences was put together but 3 individuals who have amazing track records Ryan Blair who is all about giving back to people who are in need, then they have Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola who represent the business aspect of the company, they bring in the training coaching and pretty much everything you need to be a successful Visalus Sciences Distributor which is crucial when reviewing a company. Visalus is also a financially sound company backed by Blythe and if you do not know who that is then lets just say Warren Buffett the second richest man in the world so you do not have to worry about this company ever shutting down which again is crucial because there are a lot of times when you work your but off to build a reliable income to check your inbox and see that your company is closing its doors. So is there such thing as a Visalus Scam ? I would have to say NO. Now that you know a little bit about Visalus lets talk about Visalus Products.
Visalus Products have some amazing stories connected to them based on my research and due diligence. The main product is the Visalus Shakes also known as Vi-Shape , With the Visalus Shakes depending on which kit you order if you join the company will essentially be your meal replacements. So you will either be drinking 1 to 2 shakes a day depending on your fitness goals. Visalus Shakes taste great, and Visalus also offers Nutritional Shake Mix ins with the following flavors (Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate, Peach, and Orange) which is great because you do not have to drink the same flavor all the time. From what I have found a lot of Visalus Shakes users also blend the shakes with real fruit instead of using the mix in flavors and they even use low fat frozen yogurt.
Visalus products also consist of Vi-Pak which is an advanced health system designed to give the body nutrients that are often hard to get from our diets alone. Vi-pak combines chelated Multi Mineral & Vitamin Formula with a 26 blend Super Charged Antioxidant, with the patented Anti-Aging & Energy Complex and double-distilled essential Omega Vitals—so you can get a complete health support system. Each box contains 30 of both AM and PM packets. So if you take the shakes with the vitamins it is said you will get optimal results.
Visalus also has nutra cookies which are snacks to take in between shakes if you really want to have a healthy diet but many will just eat healthy snacks like a salad, chicken, fish, or anything that is low carb and packed with protien. If you are looking to use the products to lose weight you will want to consider using the Vi-Slim which is a fat burner. That pretty much wraps up the products.
Now Lets Talk about the meat and potatoes … The Visalus Compensation Plan.
Before I go in to the Visalus Compensation Plan I want to say 1 thing. I have reviewed hundreds of these kinds of companies, and I mean literally hundreds, and a lot of companies compensation plans are flawed. When I say flawed it is because they make it very hard for the average joe like me and you to hit the top ranks. NOT VISALUS. With Visalus it is literally the peoples compensation plan. It is a plan that anybody including people like you and families like yours can succeed with. For starters they offer a BMW Car Bonus. Now there are a lot of companies who offer a car bonus HOWEVER nobody ever gets it. With Visalus not only can YOU get the BMW but you can get it Fast. What is Fast ? Fast is 30 Days or less. Which to me was amazing when I saw this because they put that bonus on the front end. Also When you Get to the BMW Bonus it means your what is called a Regional Director (Regional Directors earn on Average $1,000-3,000/Month Passive Income) So it isn’t about the car but it is really about the lifestyle and income you can start to see very very very Fast. Visalus Compensation Plan pays you in about 8 Different ways but there are only 2 things you need to do to get paid. #1 is you need to promote the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge which is an obvious, and #2 is you need to find others interested in promoting the 90 day body by vi challenge with you If you can promote the 90 day challenge, and find others to do the same you will get paid enormously by the Visalus Compensation Plan. Also a lot of companies say you can fire your boss in 6-12 months but again not the average Joe. With the compensation plan Visalus has put in place you can literally go Full-Time in less than 6 months. IF and only IF you have the right coaching and the right mentor.
Now you must understand that although the Visalus Compensation Plan is one of the best I have seen you still have to be aware of the fact that you must have an effective marketing strategy. Most companies will tell you to just make a list of your warm market (Friends & Family) they will tell you to host meetings and they will leave it at that. Now I will say that building that way is the best way to start whether you like hearing that or not. If you do not have a big “Warm Market” do not worry. Visalus offers training called the Facebook Factor which will show you how to build a large network whether you have one or not, and how to build a strong viable business utilizing the internet. Now if you decide to join visalus you need to realize that you will at some point need to do some type of direct response advertising if you really want to take your business to the next level. If you are concerned that you do not know anybody, or if you are concerned that you may not be able to build as fast as you would like then do not worry.
Matthew Behdjou is a Top Internet Marketing Expert who specializes in Search Engine Optimization (Getting on the first page of Google in simpler terms), Video Marketing, Facebook marketing, and Lead Generation. He teaches Network Marketers how to generate up to 20 Leads Per day using direct response marketing Online and Offline. For more information on how you can start generating leads for your Visalus business click here.
I truly hope this Visalus Sciences Review helped you figure out if this company is a scam or a company of integrity. If you ask me this company is FAR FROM A SCAM. It is one of the best companies I have reviewed, it is also up to date when it comes to marketing, they don’t just tell you to approach friends and family they actually teach you how to market on Facebook so that you can have success no matter what as long as you are willing to do what it takes.
If you have any questions or concerns about Visalus please do not hesitate to call me @ 631-513-3727

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