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People communicate to share their needs, feelings and information or instructions and to build relationships with others.
Effective communication affects all aspects of working in adult social care setting as it is needed to build relationships with the service user and to be able to identify there likes, dislikes, and needs. If you don’t have effective communication then important information won’t be shared between staff or the relevant health professionals. Any staff training or appointments for clients need to be communicated so daily activities can be planned around them. Another reason why using affective communication is important is to be able to share any information about the service user using the communication books, handover books or health updates, to make sure everyone is aware of any changes in medication or personal preferences that might affect their behaviour. If a client’s behaviour towards something or someone changes then this information needs to be shared so any changes in their care plan can be made and so that everyone on shift is aware and can avoid any disruption or emotional stress to the service user.
It is important to observe an individual’s reactions when communicating with them as it helps give a better understanding of how they are feeling and what they are trying to express, their reaction may show positive or negative reactions to what is being said or done that helps you to assess their needs and whether any changes are needed. For example if you were having a difficult or sensitive conversation, they might show physical reactions such as a change of pattern in their breathing, sweating, or changes in body language such as not making eye contact looking away or a change in their voice, facia expressions. From observing these reaction you can respond to them appropriately to reduce their stress....

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