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Unit 4
a) Physical abuse is the deliberate use of force that causes bodily injury or pain b) Sexual abuse is the involvement in sexual activity without consent; it can be direct (being forced to perform sex acts) and indirect (being forced to watch sexual activity). c) Emotional/psychological abuse, any action that damages an individuals’ mental health such as bullying which can result in distress. d) Financial abuse is the theft or misuse of an individual’s money or personal possessions. e) Institutional abuse is the mistreatment of an individual by the authorities or people within an institution. f) Self-neglect is when an individual fails to care for themselves and meet their basic needs for food, medical care and personal care. g) Neglect by others means failure to meet an individual’s needs for personal care, food, medical care, cultural or religious needs.
1.2 Physical abuse; multiple or minor bruising on the body, oddly shaped burns and scalds on skin, marks on skin from being slapped or bitten, broken bones of unexplained falls and misuse of medication. Sexual abuse; touching someone in a sexual manner without consent (contact), non-contact sexual abuse includes sexual talk, forcing a person to watch pornography without a person’s consent. The person may feel coerced because the abuser is in a position of trust. Emotional/Psychological abuse is difficult to identify as it usually hidden, any action that damages an individual’s mental health such as threats, humiliation, bullying and swearing can result in sadness, depression, uncontrollable crying, low self-esteem, and lack of self-confidence. Financial abuse; unexplained withdrawals from an individual’s bank account, being under pressure to change the terms of will or a sudden, unexplained inability to pay bill, possible theft occurrence....

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