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OCPL Quality Management System

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The purpose of this standard operating procedure is to define the requirements for the creation, review, approval, distribution, use and revision of OCPL quality management system documents.

This SOP covers the control of documents that demonstrate the effective operation of the quality management system and the achievement of product or service quality.


ISO 9001 Clause 7.5.3 Control of documented information


All OCPL personnel involved in the Quality management system shall be responsible to process, update and maintain the documents originated from their respective department/section.
This section describes the way in which all documents and data relating
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Quality sect is responsible for formulation, issuance and control of this document.

“Level 2 – Standard Operating Procedure” is the second level document addresses the standard operating procedures in OCPL which provides methods on how work process is to be carried out to meet QMS requirements. Quality sect is responsible for formulation, issuance and control of this document.

“Level 3 – Work Instruction” is the third level document addresses the work instruction for the specific processes, which provide the instructions on how work process is to be carried out by the Dept/Sect. Respective Dept/Sect Hd is responsible for the formulation of this documents and Quality sect is responsible for issuance and control of this document. “Level 4 – Forms and Records” is the fourth level document which provides the means of objective evidence that requirements have been satisfied in accordance with quality requirements. Respective Dept/Sect Hd are responsible for the formulation of this document and control of completed documents. Quality Sect is responsible for issuance and control of this document.

Creation of
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Each document shall be reviewed when due, to establish the following:

a) The validity of the contents in relation to the current situation;

b) Any changes to the document’s reviewing and/or approving officer;

c) Any changes due to updates of referenced standards; and

d) Any changes required of the documents

If it is established that no changes are required, the review activity shall be documented by indicating in Form OCPL-SOP-QM-006-02 “Document No Change Request”, the date of review, approving officer’s name and endorsement. The master list of the Div/Dept documents shall also be updated accordingly, indicating the review date in the column for document reviewed without changes

If changes are required, the document shall be updated accordingly and a change note (Form OCPL-QM-SOP-006-01 “Request for document change”) put up to record the changes made to the document.


OCPL-QM-SOP-006-01 Rev 00 Request for Document Change

OCPL-QM-SOP-006-02 Rev 00 Document No Change Request


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