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“We all know from personal experiences that good teachers matter.” -- said the first sentence of my job talk. Indeed, from almost every stage of my endogenously long schooling experience I remember a great educator who, maybe unconsciously, all contributed to where I stand today.

Above all, words can barely express how grateful I am to David Card, Patrick Kline and Jesse Rothstein for being so generous with their guidance, time and encouragement throughout my Berkeley years. Being their research assistant and advisee, as well just listening to their seminar comments for 6 years taught me many invaluable lessons. Why I have to “know my value functions”, how to confuse presenters with an Oaxaca decomposition, or what a lot of troubles measurement
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I am also grateful to seminar participants at UC Berkeley, Chicago FED, IIES Stockholm, CERGE-EI and Bocconi University for giving me the opportunity to present -- their feedback was tremendously useful for improving the chapters in this …show more content…
Zoltán Hermann has always been keen and helpful to talk about education questions in Hungary -- time is coming for our joint project! The many friendly conversations with Botond Kőszegi helped so much to hook me up on academia, and even though we are not in the same fields, he and Ádám Szeidl have been teaching me important lessons about how to do research. In the future, I know I can always count on my office mates and fellow labor students, Carl, David, Kaushik and Moises, and they will be there to cherish the traditions of the 650 Evans type labor economics trained by the CLE: to be academically demanding, witty and sarcastic. Or just to play a game of of z*ball. Good luck, buddies, next year!

I will be forever grateful to Patrick Allen, Thembi Ann Jackson and Vicky Lee for doing all the work to smooth out the life of graduate students. Their smile always made us feel appreciated, even during the darkest days of the job market

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