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19 April 2011
What can be done to help health care cost?
The main cause for the healthcare reform bill is the rising cost of health insurance for the American citizens. From the 1960s to the 1980s healthcare spending went from $28 billion to $255 billion. By the beginning of 2000, healthcare spending increased to $1.4 trillion. The United States economy has slowly declined due to several factors, the cost of health care is one. Presidents, state representatives, hospital and insurance executives, and economists have tried to attack this huge deficit. There are several things that can be done in order to reduce rapidly increasing health care spending. Some actions that could benefit the United States economy is the stop of wasteful spending, create a team to control fraud, and give incentives to health care providers.
Wasteful spending is one of the number one causes in health care cost. For years private insurers have relied on the police to focus on fraudulent people. Creating a team to focus of wasteful spending and fraud is a start in the right direction. There is wasteful spending within the hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices. Medical fraud is also a problem that the team can focus on. Medical fraud can be fake claims, or payment schemes from doctors. Insurance executives should also be held accountable for their wasteful spending and unnecessary travelling. The money that is saved from wasteful spending can be given to the team for any resources that they need. Under the new health care system, companies will be given incentives when they decide to provide insurance for their employees. Providing incentives for medical facilities and for companies that found creative ways to cut cost is a great way to cut health care cost. There should also be rewards for hospitals that do not turn away patients and provide outstanding medical care. Assistance should…...