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Karzai and Obama had a serious discussion to determent detention terrorism suspects.

Hamid Karzai had led the country of Afghanistan since 2001 until 2014. On September 19, 2012 President Obama and Hamid the Afghan leader had a positive and serious discussion and this conversation Afghans affirm making progress with the all the allegations about their two militaries and the government at loggerheads over several weeks, about the rules that may applied for the determination of terrorism suspects.
This conference was made via video teleconference, this evening Mr. Obama and Mr. Karzai conversation touch on every almost issue that was hot-button, it was said by senior American and Afghan official, this was a plan that was complicated to the Americans to draw down its forces there. When this conference was taking place they began as most important to understand the rules are different in these two countries and indefinitely terrorism suspects it is administrative detention on this these two countries agree.
The Laws and the Afghan Constitution did not indefinite detention been that these laws do not provide explicitly, however Mr. Karzai has order the judiciary “to come up with a legal framework that allows us to keep those people who pose a serious security threat”, this was said by the president’s spokesman.
One of the main issues main with the Americans was that did not want to and refused to turn over 600-plus prisoners that were being hold in Parwan, where the detention center was build adjacent to the Bagram Air Base, all the prisoners were going to be there into this issue was solve. After having a great conversation with the President Obama, President Karzai and Mr. Obama stated with small terms and they got it very specific details about the 650-plus Afghan prisoners.
In March, 2012 the American signed a Memorandum of understanding about the…...