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Objective 317.1.6-03-06 and 317.1.6-08-10

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Objective 317.1.6-03-06 and 317.1.6-08-10

The manufacturing plant currently does not have a sound system of performance evaluation. The current system addresses the friendliness of the employee, the orderliness of the employee’s workspace, and the attitude of the employee towards others. The current performance evaluation does not address the needs of the employee by properly preparing the employee for the goals of the company. The employee has not been given or been informed of the standards of the company. Standards or goals, when issued upfront, enhance performance, motivate, and in turn serve as a basis to evaluate after a set period of time. Performance standards should be set for all bottom-line practices including quantity, quality, time used, and cost. An effective performance evaluation system is based on accurate performance standards that are easily defined, measured, and standardized for all employees. Behavioral evaluations are based on observable aspects of performance while trait evaluation involves personal judgment regarding characteristics of an employee related to performance. Some examples of trait appraisals would be initiative, leadership, and attitude. Behavioral evaluation is based on whether or not an employee is actively aware and proactive in developing procedures to improve the organization. It is also necessary to evaluate the specific job related criteria needed to perform the activity. In this case, the engineer is described as a bright and detail oriented person who has considerable experience in the industry. The "value of common criteria" refers to the benefit of using one set of evaluation criteria for all employees versus using a different set of evaluation criteria for each employee (London & Smither, 2006). In order to achieve a common criterion an activity description must be developed that is utilized as…...

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