Objectives of Punishment

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Objectives of Punishment

In the criminal justice system punishment is used to help prevent people from committing more crimes in the future. The punishment is intended to be sufficient enough to show future criminals and the community that the criminal justice system is serious about crime prevention and keeping the community members safe. In most cases punishment is delivered in the form of incarceration. Punishment can be used to help achieve institutional objectives by applying the correct punishment to the appropriate crime. The original concept of the penitentiary system was to rehabilitate the offenders to help keep crime rates down. The original concept of rehabilitation was to help change the offenders’ thoughts and opinions about the crimes that they committed. This way they learn to change their habits and hopefully become an honest member of society. Incapacitation of the offenders is used in order to protect the community by reducing the chances of the offenders committing the same type of crime. However, if the offenders are just incarcerated and not offered any type of rehabilitation their thoughts remain the same and in some circumstances can become even more negative. This affects the overall criminal justice system by creating a backlog of cases in the court system which in turn can take up valuable space inside all jails and prisons across the United States. By offering different types of punishment like rehab, anger management, and probation you can free up valuable space in the jail system and keep more dangerous criminals off the street instead of locking up first time offenders and low level criminals.


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