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Obnoxious People

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Obnoxious People

Have you ever been inside a store like Walmart or in a restaurant like Applebee’s and have witnessed some obnoxious people? Almost everywhere I look in public settings there is some sort of person being “obnoxious” or “disturbing.” There’s many different types of obnoxious people, but the three you should really know about are the braggers, the suck-ups, and lastly the phone freaks. The first type of obnoxious people are the braggers. They are the ones that enjoy telling you everything about them, but in a boastful tone. Braggers enjoy sounding like they are much better and on a higher level than everyone else, although they are typically not. My interpretation of braggers is after they have gone shopping they tell you what they got, where they got it, and how expensive it was. A lot of them started when they were teenagers and posted their new hot items on Snapchat. Another type of bragger is a parent who brags about their child. I think the worst is a mom that brags about her daughter to another mom. This happens all the time with "soccer moms" that think that their daughter is the best player. A pet peeve of mine is people posting on any social media account about how “perfect” their lives are with their “perfect’’ families. They tend to not actually have a perfect one. I think they enjoy covering up to people to sound better than it actually is. I feel they are doing this to try to brag to people on media and put themselves on a higher level. A final point of a bragger is that they are just annoying and obnoxious to be around. Another class of obnoxious people are the suck-ups. Generally suck-up action happens at school towards a teacher or administrator to make themselves sound like a great person. Sucking-up may take place because the student has a bad grade in the class and needs a better one, or so the teacher will like them, or because they want to be the teacher's pet to get rewards. This doesn't only happen in school settings it can also happen in a work force. When your sucking up for your boss they might catch onto what you're wanting; a pay raise, a vacation, or even a promotion. Two years ago, when I was in seventh grade, my math teacher had a student with a C for a grade. With him being unsatisfied he tried to bargain or suck-up to the teacher for a better grade. He said, “I’ll do anything for a better grade. I’ll even clean your entire room.” This is sucking up because he would rather clean than do work. The teacher also wanted a clean room rather than grading the extra work. The student was subtly asking to raise his grade. Other names for a suck-up are teacher’s pet, brown noser and back scratcher. No matter where sucking-up happens, it's obnoxious for everyone else to witness it.
The last, and I’d say the most important type of obnoxious people are the phone freaks. These phone freaks have a special nickname, “the phreakers,” which is a combination word of phone and freak. You most-commonly can find “phreakers” at any public area, the fair or before a concert for instance. Another one of the most common sightseeing settings is in any line at the grocery store or mall. Smartphone addiction may have sounded like a punchline at first, but some people caution it is a real and growing problem. A term from, nomophobia, means the fear of being without your mobile device. On Facebook you can find phone freaks. They can be spotted by always posting or checking in wherever they go, even if it's to run to the gas station. I remember last year, I was at the Cheesecake Factory in Portland and there was a couple having a nice dinner out. Well, the lady was pretty much having a date with Instagram. She was constantly checking to see what her “besties” were eating for dinner. My only question for the partner was why didn’t he say anything to her about it? If that were me I would have spoken up for sure.
In conclusion, you should be aware of these types of obnoxious people: braggers, suck-ups, and phone freaks. If you want to avoid being an obnoxious person you can listen to others more often, work harder for what you want, and put your phone away when around people.

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