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Observation Analysis

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Observation Analysis
Andrew Sanders
University of Phoenix
MTE/506 – Child and Adolescent Development
Cynthia Lowe
March 17, 2014
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Observation Analysis Teacher observation has been received as a reasonable source of information for recording and reporting student demonstrations of learning outcomes in childhood education. During my observation analysis, I examined a nontraditional setting, YMCA, where children and teenagers gather. This paper will address the location of the observation, social gathering for the observation, description of the setting, and activities observed. Additionally, this paper shall evaluate the application of educational theory; describe the application of information processing to student learning; evaluate the instructor’s behaviors that promote student’s thinking abilities; analyze the implications of language development; and describe the relationship of social and emotional development to student learning and behavior.
Location of the observation Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) is located in Millington, Tennessee. YMCA is a world-wide Christian voluntary movement for men and women with distinctive importance on and genuine involvement of young people that seeks to share the Christian ideal of building a human community of justice with love, peace and resolution for the fullness of life for all creation (YMCA, n.d.). Today the YMCA is more aimed on inspiring youths and their families to exercise and be healthy. Social gathering and description of the setting. The YMCA Millington has implemented a spring and Summer Day Camp for youths while school is out. For the purpose of confidentiality, the names of the children and instructors are redacted from this paper and will be identified as “Child” and “Instructor.” I observed the Spring Day Camp on Wednesday,...

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