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Observation and Analysis

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Cynthia Solomon-Johnson
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July 27, 2014

Observation and Analysis When looking at the development of students from the age band of infancy through age 8 they had gained all of their development stages starting with social/emotional, physical, speech, and cognitive growth. Starting with the 0-9months of development, the students were discovering their hands and feet with the ability to move them along with manipulating objects and starting to crawl. They also have begun to smile at other, able to have mastery of their heads and demonstrates pleasure with feeling safe and trust others. The next age development is the 9-18 months and this is when the student becomes mobile and is scooting, crawling, walking and toddling around holding on to a table, chairs, and others. In the social/emotional stage the student will express strong emotional sentiments and are afraid of strangers. They are aware and curious about their peers with poking and pulling of eyes, hair, and etc. The student at this stage had started language development by making gestures, pointing at things, and bulging out their first words, and trying to put them into a phrase. The concept of more or less is now taking place with this phase. The 18 to 3 years of age or where the physical development is much more noticeable with jumping, running, throwing, paddling and climbing better than when they were younger. These little ones where building blocks, holding crayons while trying to color a picture or make a straight line and they also enjoyed interacting with others in different activities. During this stage development children tend to want to be independent and want to manage things themselves without assistance. They also wish to engage in activities with other kids close to them who...

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