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SI103L Introduction to Marine Biology LAB Syllabus
Guam Community College
School of Technology and Student Services
Science Department
Fall 2015

Instructor : Ronaldo M. Paulino, Instructor, M.Sc., Dr.PH
Contacts: email:
Location and time: Section 03 Rm. 3111 and Section 04 Rm. 3115 (Allied Health Building)
Section 03 Friday from 0900am-1200pm; Section 04 Saturday from 0900am -1200pm,
OR, field trips as scheduled.
Office hours: MW 1230pm-0200pm; TTH 0130pm-0230pm or by appointment.
Allied Health Bldg. Rm. 3130 Phone#: (671) 735-5600

Course Description
This course is the laboratory co-requisite for SI103 Introduction to Marine Biology. Laboratory sessions and field trips reinforce and extend basic marine biology concepts, identification of marine organisms, and anthropogenic effects on the marine environment.

Student Learning Outcomes – Course Level
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Describe key chemical, biological, geological, and ecological processes. 2. Identify and classify common marine organisms. 3. Explain anthropogenic factors that affect the marine environment and organisms therein.

Teaching Methodologies Guided by the instructor, Inquiry-based labs and field trips will reinforce lecture material.

Course Requirements * You are required to access the course website. Here, you will receive study guides, assignments and announcements. It is your responsibility to check the website throughout the semester. * Attendance is required. Roll is taken at the start of every class. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are marked present for that day. You are responsible for everything that transpires in lab. Please establish a partnership with another student to find out what you missed when absent.

Attendance You are allowed to miss 2 labs or field trips. If you are unable to attend a lab/field trip, contact me.

Evaluation Criteria * Lab handouts and field trip reports must be submitted to receive credit. Each lab handout and report is worth 50 points. Both reports and handouts must be submitted by the Friday following the lab/field trip – you have ONE (1) week to complete them. Ten (10) points will be deducted for late submissions. To ensure your success in the course, answer all questions on the handouts and follow directions for labeling drawings or diagrams. * Use the ‘Guidelines for Field Trip Reports’ and the field trip report rubric to help you write your reports. Both can be accessed from the website. Field trip reports must be computer-generated and are graded for content, correct scientific principles, grammar, spelling, clarity, organization, and proper citation of sources, that is, no plagiarism. Plagiarized assignments will receive a grade of zero and the student will be referred to the counseling department. Consult the student handbook with regard to this issue.

The total number of possible points will be multiplied by 0.90 to determine the cut-off for a grade of A, multiplied by 0.80 to determine the cut-off for a grade of B, etc. The percentage range that you fall into will determine your final grade based on the following:

90% - 100% = A 70% - 79% = C Below 60% = F
80% - 89% = B 60% - 69% = D Estimated Point System Handouts/Field Trip Reports 12* X 50 points each = 600 total possible points

*You are responsible for attending and turning in handouts or reports for 12 labs or field trips. The schedule lists 16 potential labs/field trips, but is subject to change if unforeseen circumstances arise. If trips must be cancelled due to the weather, we will first try to make them up. If a make-up is not possible, the total possible number of points will be adjusted accordingly.

Make-ups If you have a valid excuse (deployment, illness w/doctor’s excuse, job schedule change with note from employer), please talk to me about potential make-up opportunities.

Policies and Additional Information * In an emergency that requires evacuating the building, students must follow the instructor to the designated area in front of the Allied Health Building. * GCC has zero tolerance for harassment and violence in the workplace and will not ignore, condone or tolerate disruptive, threatening or violent behavior by any member of the GCC community or by visitors. * Beepers, cell phones and other electronic devices should be silenced. Text messaging during class is not allowed. * The instructor reserves the right to make changes in the syllabus and the course outline.

Academic integrity is fundamental to learning and is consisten with the Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) espoused at Guam Community College. The concept of academic integrity lies at the very heart of any college, and learning and scholarship cannot thrive without this fundamental value. Therefore, academic dishonesty cannot be tolerated. Students who commit such acts expose themselves to sanctions as severe as expulsion from the College.

Academic dishonesty can take different forms, including, but not limited to cheating, plagiarism, and technology misuse and abuse. In any situation in which students are unsure of what constitutes academic dishonesty, it is the student’s responsibility to raise the question with the instructor. It is also the student’s responsibility to be familiar with the student guidelines on academic integrity. Additional information and definitions may be found on pages 12 and 13 of the Student Handbook.

In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a student who wishes to receive instructional accommodations, because of a documented sensory and/or learning disability, should meet with the instructor to discuss these accommodations. In addition, the student must be identified as an individual with special needs, as set forth by the college. The Accommodative Services Coordinator will provide a letter to the course instructor outlining such services needed. Individuals with special needs can contact the Accommodative Services Coordinator at 735-5597 in Room 2139, Student Services & Administration Building, or TDD: 734-8324 for assistance.

The Guam Community College provides students with access to various technological tools to help them successfully achieve their educational goals. Although the college takes steps to ensure these tools are accessible and operational, it is the student’s responsibility to safeguard and back-up working files at all times.

For power or water outage, typhoons and earthquakes please refer to your student handbook or call student support services at 735-5555. If a class has to be postponed, that class session will be made up on another day, or class will be extended 15-30 minutes each session to make up for the missed time. You will be notified via email using the account of class changes.

Under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), your educational records are confidential and protected. Under most circumstances, your records will not be released without your written and signed consent. However, some directory information may be released to third parties without your prior consent unless a written request to restrict this is on file. You can learn more about student rights to privacy at the GCC online college catalog in Appendix I ( <> ), by visiting the U.S. Department of Education website, <> , or accessing the FERPA Group on MyGCC which is open to all users.

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied benefit of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.
The Guam Community College strictly follows and enforces all federal laws and guidelines guaranteed under Title IX and enforced by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights in ensuring that all students are free of sexual discrimination in any form. Under Title IX, discrimination on the basis of sex can include sexual harassment or sexual violence, such as rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, and sexual coercion. For more information on Title IX contact the Title IX Coordinator, John Payne, in Room 2139, 1st Floor, Student Services & Administration Bldg. Contact information: Tel: 735-5597 Email: Mailing Address: P.O. Box 23069 GMF, Barrigada, Guam 96921

Friday Class Schedule Introduction to Marine Biology Lab Schedule – Fall 2015 | Week | Date | Lab/Field Trip | 1 | 8/21 | Microscope Lab – Prior to lab, click on the link below for the online interactive microscope website. Practice with this before lab. | 2 | 8/28 | Marine Microbes and Seaweeds | 3 | 9/4 | Invertebrates I Lab | 4 | 9/11 | Invertebrates II Lab | 5 | 9/18 | College Assembly Day – (No Classes) | | 9/19 | Saturday Coastal Cleanup – Meet at Tagachang Beach 07:00am | 6 | 9/25 | **Pago Bay snorkel (behind UOG Marine Lab) – Meeting time TBA. You will get wet! Wear protective clothing and protective shoes for reef walking/snorkeling in shallow water. Bring extra clothes/shoes. (1.5 ft.) | 7 | 10/2 | Osmosis & Diffusion Lab/Fish Dissection | 8 | 10/9 | **Tumon Bay Snorkel at Ypao Beach – meet at 9:30. Snorkeling gear is available, but if you have your own gear, please use it to ensure that we have enough. You will be fully submerged, so wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Bring extra shoes/clothes. (2.5 ft.) | 9 | 10/16 | **Mangroves at Marianas Yacht Club, Sasa Bay, Piti, Wet/muddy conditions – wear appropriate footwear and clothing. (1.5-2 ft.) | 10 | 10/23 | **Jungle Riverboat Cruise – Time is TBA, Talofofo Bay | 11 | 10/30 | Density/Great Ocean Conveyor Lab, OR, Evening Reef walk at Pago Bay | 12 | 11/6 | Mark & Recapture Lab and Video on “Fish Sustainability” | 13 | 11/13 | **Ancient Coral Reef – Limestone Forest Hike (Location TBA) | 14 | 11/20 | **Dolphin Watch and Reef Snorkel – this trip depends on the availability of the boat. This is also a snorkeling field trip so dress appropriately. Bring a towel and potluck dish possible. | 15 | 11/26-29 | Holiday – “Thanksgiving Break” (No Classes) | 16 | 12/4 | Last Day of Friday Classes/Make-up Day |

**These field trips must be scheduled according to the low tides or boat schedules. If you cannot attend lab at those times, please talk to me so that we can try to make alternate arrangements or substitutions.

This schedule is subject to change. If you must be absent for a lab or class session, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed.

Saturday Class Schedule Introduction to Marine Biology Lab Schedule – Fall 2015 | Week | Date | Lab/Field Trip | 1 | 8/22 | Microscope Lab – Prior to lab, click on the link below for the online interactive microscope website. Practice with this before lab. | 2 | 8/29 | Marine Microbes and Seaweeds | 3 | 9/5 | Invertebrates I Lab | 4 | 9/12 | Invertebrates II Lab | 5 | 9/19 | Coastal Cleanup – Meet at Tagachang Beach 07:00am | 6 | 9/26 | Osmosis & Diffusion Lab/Fish Dissection | 7 | 10/3 | **Pago Bay snorkel (behind UOG Marine Lab) – Meeting time TBA. You will get wet! Wear protective clothing and protective shoes for reefwalking/snorkeling in shallow water. Bring extra clothes/shoes. (1.5 ft.) | 8 | 10/10 | **Tumon Bay Snorkel at Ypao Beach – meet at 9:30. Snorkeling gear is available, but if you have your own gear, please use it to ensure that we have enough. You will be fully submerged, so wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Bring extra shoes/clothes. (2.5 ft.) | 9 | 10/17 | **Mangroves at Marianas Yacht Club, Sasa Bay, Piti, Sec. 03 meets 930; Sec. 04 meets 12 noon, Wet/muddy conditions – wear appropriate footwear and clothing. (1.5-2 ft.) | 10 | 10/24 | **Jungle Riverboat Cruise – Time is TBA, Talofofo Bay | 11 | 10/31 | Density/Great Ocean Conveyor Lab, OR, Evening Reef walk at Pago Bay | 12 | 11/7 | Mark & Recapture Lab and Video on “Fish Sustainability” | 13 | 11/14 | **Ancient Coral Reef – Limestone Forest Hike (Location TBA) | 14 | 11/21 | **Dolphin Watch and Reef Snorkel – this trip depends on the availability of the boat. This is also a snorkeling field trip so dress appropriately. Bring a towel and potluck dish possible. | 15 | 11/26-29 | Holiday – “Thanksgiving Break” (No Classes) | 16 | 12/5 | Last Day of Saturday Classes/Make-up Day |

**These field trips must be scheduled according to the low tides or boat schedules. If you cannot attend lab at those times, please talk to me so that we can try to make alternate arrangements or substitutions.

This schedule is subject to change. If you must be absent for a lab or class session, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed.

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