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Observation Of Nutrition

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Get your picky preschooler to eat and watch them grow with the help of a Mott's growth chart.

For many of my readers, you have seen Madison grow up right before your very eyes. From our very first post as a baby to her now being a preschooler. However, most people don't realize that Madison was born prematurely. On a routine visit to get checked at 34 weeks, we were told that there was something wrong with her heart and they needed to do an emergency c-section. I can't begin to tell you how scared we (my husband and I) both were. We had an amazing team of doctors and nurses and everything went smoothly. While I saw her for a few minutes after birth, we didn't get to reconnect until the very next day, and she spent an entire week in the hospital before we were able to take her home. When you have a baby who was born early, you tend to monitor every milestone, make sure that they're growing properly because you want them to be "right on time".
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She has always been up there in percentile for her height, but her weight just wasn't cutting it. I also noticed that she was now starting to reject foods that she used to eat and was almost "never hungry". The one thing that I could always get her to eat however, no matter what, are Mott's applesauces. She has been addicted since the very first time we introduced them as a toddler. And I feel good knowing that Mott's helps her to be healthy and strong, and they're so accessible. I pack them in her lunch box and she also has them as a

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