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Observation Analysis
Constance Clark
March 3, 2013
Kim Scoggins

Observation Analysis
The observation was in Ms. Small, Reading and English classroom. Ms. Small works with 7th graders in Reading and English. Ms. Small uses a theory known as constructivism. When she works with her class she is looking for the meaning behind everything that students say. She calls it “playing devil’s advocate” as students respond to one question, and she immediately leads to the opposite side of the argument. Ms. Small looks at the end result when teaching and says that the facts in isolation do not mean very much. Students have these mental perceptions about ideas and information being taught, but as a teacher Ms. Small brings those ideas into reality visually, verbally, and with direct hands on activities. She says that the quality of the information is more important than the quality. The students are asked not to memorize a story and complete a multiple choice (or multiple guess as she calls it) for her class, but to interpret it, act it out, or defend the characters in a mock trail. Educational theory that I would suggest that could have been used is constructivism. Constructivism is when people construct their own individual psychological models of the world in order to make sense of their experiences.
Ms. Small could have enriched the lesson to real life situations to connect to the students in today’s society. A professor can use different educational theories in a classroom. According to Bee and Boyd, 2010 Gardner’s theory “has eight domains of intelligence (Linguistic, Logical, Spatial, Bodily Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Naturalistic). Informational processing has two areas: innate ability and acquired knowledge (Bee& Boyd, 2010). These areas are very detrimental to the overall development of adolescents. As children grow and…...