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Observation Paper |
High School Culture |
6/30/2013 |
Organizational Leadership BMGT365 |

Having a mission statement for employees to focus on gives them a clear vision of what to strive for on a daily basis. A clear vision that is ethical helps to develop a healthy culture that is strong and cohesive.(Daft, 2011) In my observation of the culture of a high school staff, I find areas that are strongly aligned to the vision and areas that are in need of improvement.
The mission statement of the school is to prepare students to learn and be successful in a supportive environment that encourages rigorous standards, celebrates cultural diversities, promotes teamwork, and molds students into leaders and contributing citizens in a technology rich and evolving society. From this mission statement a motto was formed “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow”. The school has a clear vision that each student is endowed with the fundamental competence and intelligence needed to commence achieving their individual goals in life. (Westlake High School, 2000)
The schools values have worth, merit and importance and start as a solid base to develop the right culture to reach goal or vision of the school. The key values of our high school are that we believe that each student has value; learning should take place in a safe, structured environment that is aware of social, emotional, and physical wellness of each student. Education is the shared responsibility of the student, family, school and community. That life learning is essential to the production of contributing citizens in a global society. We believe in providing educators who genuinely care for the student body and develop a curriculum that is rigorous, relevant, challenging, integrative and exploratory, it is the professional responsibility of the staff to provide student with…...