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Infancy (0-2 years)
I. Description of the Infant:
I went into the daycare to observe a child . The child I chose to observe is named Jeremiah. Jeremiah is two years old. Jeremiah had light brown skin with short black hair. He also had big round dark eyes with long eyelashes. Jeremiah had little white teeth that showed when he smiled. He had a round face with plump cheeks. His ears were slightly big for his head, and it seemed that they slightly poked out. Jeremiah had long legs, short arms, and big hands with long fingers. Jeremiah wasn’t obese, he was actually quite slim, but he had a chubby little stomach. He looked like an active infant, and he also looked very healthy and strong.
II. Physical/ Motor Development:
1. Describe the infant’s control of his/her trunk and upper body
As I initially came into the daycare, I noticed Jeremiah sitting down on a chair eating lunch. As another child got closer to him, Jeremiah scooted himself and his chair over away from the other child. It seemed that he liked his space. After Jeremiah was done eating, he then went out side. He got up freely, pushed the door open just enough for him to squeeze out and continued walking out. This showed that he did have some slight upper body strength for his age. He is old enough now to have full control over his head and his neck, so for every movement he made, he had no problem moving around.
2. Describe the infant’s control of his/her arms, hands, and fingers
Before Jeremiah was outside, he was eating lunch at the little table. I noticed that he was properly using all food utensils such as forks, spoons, and tongs. Jeremiah served himself by using the tongs. He pinched the tongs together, picked up a cubed watermelon, held it tightly in the tongs, and carried it to his plate without dropping the piece of watermelon. Not only was Jeremiah able to serve himself solid foods, he…...