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Observation In this paper, I am to describe and discuss my observations of the people at the mall. I was going to observe the people at the medical place I go to with my Grandmother but I was not feeling well on Wednesday so my Aunt went with her. I did not know what I had, if I was getting a cold or if it was just allergies. Better safe than sorry. Since I did not go to the metical place I was going to observe my neighborhood, there is usually quite a few people out but this time there was not a lot so since I was feeling better on Friday, my sister and I went to the mall. We went to a store call JCPenney. This was Friday late afternoon. After that I asked if we could grab a snack and sit and observe people for this paper. Before I go into the details of the observation, I want to talk about culture. According to the texbook, it defines culture as “ideas and behaviors that are learned and transmitted. Nongenetic means of adaptation (Park,2014,pg12). With that being said, you can find all kinds of culture if you look hard enough and closely. I have noticed that different races have different cultures. But in my observation I did notices that one thing stayed the same. The respect of the elderly. It is good to see that in every culture they teach the respect of their elders. Also I noticed that this generation of younger children have to be told to say excuse me, thank you and please. All the races were about the same


with the no manners. I am not sure if it just here or if it is everywhere. I did notices that some of the children were running off and not listening to their mothers. With that it seemed to be every race doing that as well. Culture has changed in the past few years. To me it does not seem to have changed for the better. The only thing that seems to be the same is the respect for the elderly.…...