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What is a
Family Child Care Home?
 FCCH providers regularly provide care,

protection and supervision
for 14 or fewer children
in the provider’s
own home for periods
less than 24 hours
 Licensee is
the primary caregiver

Types of Family Child Care Homes
 Small Family Child Care
 6 children plus 2 school age children*

 Large Family Child Care
 12 children plus 2 school age children*
 Must have qualified assistant at least 14 years of age

*Must have signed copy of Landlord Consent Form or
be homeowner for the two additional school age children

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Types of Family Child Care Homes
 Small Family Child Care
 6 children plus 2 school age children
 3 Infants when other children present

 Large Family Child Care
 12 children plus 2 school age children

Types of Family Child Care Homes
Assistants under the age of 18:
 Cannot be left alone with other children

Assistants who are left alone with children must have:
 Fingerprint clearance
 Current Pediatric CPR
 First Aid Certificates

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Age Group Definitions
 An infant is a child who is under age 2
 School-Age children are those over

the age of 6 or who attend kindergarten
 Children living in the home who are 10 years

or older do not count in the child capacity

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Staffing Requirements



Background Clearance Requirements
and Exemption Policies
 Criminal record clearances or exemptions must be granted for

all adults living in the home before a license is granted
 Fingerprint clearances are required for all adults residing in the

home or prior to working
in the home

Background Clearance Requirements
and Exemption…...

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