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What a Smorgasbord
I walk in to the grocery store and I swear a fully explosive citrus bomb has just gone off! I am in the produce section and my nose is in heaven. The sweet smell of the strawberries, the tangy fragrance of the oranges and melons! I look ahead a few feet and the bakery filled with donuts galore! I drool looking at the fluffy rolls and colorful icings of each and every different kind of pastry. Over to the frozen food section and the brisk air from the coolers hits me like a December wind which feels great on a hot summer day. Further down by the deli section are the scrumptious free samples. Hot Swedish meatballs make my taste buds dance. The velvety, smooth gravy that grazes my lips makes me want the whole tray.

Such a Chore
My least favorite chore, grocery shopping. You walk in and the smell of the fruits and flowers hit you like a bus, and it’s quite overwhelming. My nose goes into a meltdown, as I rush to make it through produce and to the bakery. The bakery is filled with fattening sweets and treat that I wish I could eat, but know I shouldn’t unless I want to waddle when I walk. Continuing through the store and I am now in the frozen food section. It is as cold as the North Pole and my toes are about to fall off. Hypothermia may be a possibility. Just when I think it is safe, it’s not. In the deli a bunch of irritating, obnoxious children are screaming and yelling because they want free samples of something called a Swedish meatball? Of course there are no parents to be found.

Angles of Vision Using different points of view in writing can be very useful. In my writing I described a grocery store with two different perspectives, a positive and a negative one. Certain skills from the Allyn and Bacon text helped me in writing these two separate views of the grocery store. To some people the grocery store is a joyful place, but to

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