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Fast-Food Feast Case Study (Burger King vs. Taco Bell)
University of Phoenix
OSC 301 – Operations Management
Professor Alan Boyer
September 21, 2009
Fast-Food Feast Case Study (Burger King vs. McDonalds)

The research to answer the questions to this Fast-Food Feast Case Study was done abroad in two different countries. The first was Burger King on a military base in Stuttgart Germany and the other was McDonalds out on the economy in Tbilisi, Georgia. Having data from two different countries will better suit how similar and different Fast-Food joints are across the globe, even though it is from a small scale. How are in-store orders taken? Orders from both places were taken by an individual behind the counter and entered into the computer / cash register. This data was then sent back to the cooks in the back who make the burgers to start the order. Burger King however, would repeat your order to you as well as say it over the microphone to the back even though it was not a special order. McDonalds did not do this.
Are the hamburgers prepared to order, or are they prepared ahead of time and delivered from a storage bin? The hamburgers at Burger King were prepared to order, however I believe this is true as it was the lunch crowd and they never had enough burgers to go around. Burger King could do much better if they would look at what is ordered everyday and be ready for the lunch bunch. Personally I have not gone to that Burger King if the lunch line is too long. The McDonalds on the other hand had burgers in the bin. It was lunch time as well, but the crowd was not there and I am not sure if many locals Georgians can even afford to eat there. Those are two different sets of circumstances.

2. How are special orders handled? Special orders in both places were repeated back to the customer and also repeated over the sound system in...

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