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Choose an organisation that has gone through a change process and critically evaluate the management of that change process by the consultant(s) or change agent(s) involved.

The full assessment criteria is overleaf but please note the following information :-

In order to evaluate the management of the process it is necessary to understand the situational context to assess how appropriate the consultant/change agent approach was. Consequently, it is necessary to present the consultancy/change agent intervention taking into account issues such as
a) the triggers and forces promoting the change
b) the nature of the change (i.e. was it proactive or reactive, was it planned or unplanned ?)
c) the level of the change (as seen by key stakeholders) with justification for perspective

It is necessary to consider the approach adopted by the consultant/change agent and to assess how this was appropriate to the situation faced - how did this impact upon the 'psychological contract' and did the approach change during the consultancy/change agency intervention … and why ?

Process Content
It is necessary to present the process that the organisation and its members went through in a way that is easy to follow. This includes showing an awareness to the issues confronted at each stage and how they were 'managed' by the consultant/change agent. Consequently, it is important to be clear about the culture of the organisation and the sources of resistance BUT also to be clear as to how this insight/knowledge was gained (i.e. methods of analysis in use and information sources used).

It is necessary to evaluate the actions of the consultant/change agent with respect to the situation, their skills and experience and the results achieved (or other criteria you see as appropriate). The criteria you are using is therefore needing to...

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