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Occupational Safety And Health Act 1994

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Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 was formulated mainly referring to the British Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 that includes general duty for workers.

The OSHA 1994 was made to considering the fact that the Factories and Machinery Act 1967 only covered occupational safety and health in the manufacturing, mining, and construction industries.

The OSH regulations impose an expected penalty that is positively related to the presence of risky working conditions for workers not in compliance with the standards.

Safety and health system is based on the principle of assessing the risks and managing them sensibly, encouraging the workers to focus their energy more on the significant hazards that can cause
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Among them, special consideration has to be given to the construction and transportation industries where fatalities are common.

The organisation structures of front-line agencies were engaged from a functional-based one to sectorial-based one such as Construction Industry Development Board for accredited green card training in construction sector.

DOSH has also published the Code of Practice for Road Transport Activities in 2010.

Occupational Safety and Health service is provided to workers in small and medium enterprises via Deparment of Safety and Health SME Unit.

The Occupational Safety and Health Master Plan from 2011 to 2015 was being enforced to reduce workplace accidents by 30% and fatal accidents by 20% by 2015.

DOSH conducted health and safety legislation compliance audit and carried out 177,000 enforcement checks in all sectors of industry in the ealyfive months in the year 2013.

DOSH has been carrying out promotions and conducting training to help raise occupational safety and health awareness among the
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Much more can be achieved with concerted effort from the government on occupational safety and health.

Improvement in occupational safety and health requires actions from all parties namely workers, employers and the government.

Accidents at the workplace should be prevented with the cooperation from the workers on top of regular enforcement from the government.

Occupational accidents are preventable and safety measures could help to prevent the severity of occupational injuries.

Occupational fatalities and permanent disabilities were more likely to be severe compared to non-permanent disabilities.

Safety measures to improve performance in management of carrierl safety and health should be emphasised to overcome this problem.

The good practices among industrial players, especially with respect to occupational safety and health, should be shared within the industry.

The workers and DOSH must combine forces and try to prevent future occupational accidents by addressing the root cause of

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