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Occupational Therapy Experience

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I currently have no previous experience with offenders and prisons, but I do have experience working with people with mental health issues. When I shadowed an occupational therapist (OT) in order to get into the OT program, I shadowed and helped a client that had dementia. At first, it was difficult for me to understand why the client was not communicating properly and had to be told what to do multiple times until the OT told me that the client had dementia. I then understood why the client was behaving that certain way, and researched and learned more about the illness to get a better understanding of what the client was going through. I also worked at a senior living center in Radford, where I was the activity assistant. I worked and exercised...

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...therapist assistants are constantly working alongside others in order to make patient recovery go smoothly. One profession in particular that goes hand in hand with physical therapy in many cases is occupational therapy. Occupational therapists work with people who have conditions that are mentally, physically, developmentally, or emotionally disabling.1 They are trained to help people either develop, relearn, or maintain how to perform daily living tasks.1 In order to become an occupational therapist or an assistant, a license is required in all fifty states in the US, and the...

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...To be diagnosed with a chronic disease during a person’s life span is difficult to cope with, as changes must be made to roles, occupations and activities undertaken in daily life. At the age of 21, Jessica was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, MS, which is a chronic autoimmune disorder that is caused by the breakdown of myelin in the central nervous system. As a result of the MS, Jessica has had to change and modify many of the occupations, which she participates in, such as personal care and socializing. Not only has the Multiple Sclerosis affected Jessica herself but is has also had an impact on her relation with family and friends. The environment that Jessica lives in had both enable and limited her to adapting to aspects of the illness. The nature and prognosis of the disability: As stated in the introduction, Jessica suffers from Multiple Sclerosis or MS, for short. MS is the body’s own immune system attacking the neurons in the brain and spinal cord (MS Australia, 2005). So far, Doctors have found about four different types of Multiple Sclerosis ; relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis, secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis, primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and relapsing progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis is characterized by unpredictable relapse and new symptoms appearing or the existing ones becoming worse. Secondary Multiple Sclerosis is seen in those who have relapse-remitting Multiple Sclerosis and they develop......

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...Professional Regulation’s for Occupational Therapy In Mississippi Occupational therapists provide skilled care to clients of all ages with dysphasia. Occupational therapists are trained professional that help individuals achieve independence in all aspects of their lives. A few of the health conditions that benefit from occupational therapy include: work-related injuries including lower back problems, limitations following a stroke or heart attack, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or other serious chronic conditions, birth injuries, learning problems, or developmental disabilities, mental health or behavioral problems including Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress, problems with substance use or eating disorders, burns, spinal cord injuries, or amputations, broken bones or other injuries from falls, sports injuries, or accidents and vision or cognitive problems that threaten the ability to drive. For you to be a licensed Occupational Therapist, you have to submit an application for licensure at least thirty days prior to any admissions to work in any facility. Various educational requirements serve as a qualification to a career as a physical therapist. A person must earn a minimum of two degrees from accredited universities, perform volunteer service and comply with certification requirements to complete the educational requirements toward a career in physical therapy. First, the interested person must complete an undergraduate degree with either......

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...Why do you choose OT as your career? Hi everyone, I have never written a Personal essay before and this is the only part I am missing to complete my application. I need help please!! I became occupational therapist assistance first because I wanted to make sure this is what I would like to do. "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." This quote by William James has such as strong significance for me, mostly because I truly believe that no matter how a person helps another; you can have the opportunity to make a positive impact on that person's life. This is why I want to pursue a career in the field of Occupational Therapy; because I would like to make a difference in someone's life. I have always had a desire to help others, I completed my cota degree and I was preparing to apply for my social worker degree, but for some reason I decided to wait, partly because I had a feeling that I needed to make sure that the career I was choosing, truly reflected on who I am as a person and my professional aspirations. I had never heard of occupational therapy until I started working in an Early Intervention program and also had a very personal experience that allowed me to discover such a life-changing career. Last year my grandfather suffered from a fall, which resulted with a fractured light dementia. My grandfather, who had suffered from several fall previously. My grandfather has always been my hero, serving in the Military as a general doctor for many years,...

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...going to happen to my grandfather’s life, the words cut like daggers. My cousins and I watched our parents bewail with sorrow as we just sat aside our grandfather’s hospital bed feeling helpless and confused. About a month went by while my grandfather was still in John Muir, and his progress was nothing to rave about. We would visit him daily, but he never seemed to be getting much better. He couldn’t eat, talk, or move, but we just reminded him to keep fighting and we knew, with hope, he would be able to make a substantial recovery. When my grandfather was dismissed from the John Muir hospital in Walnut Creek, he moved into the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Leandro. While in San Leandro, he started to receive more intense therapy, his recovery was slow but we started seeing improvements; he was able to eat solid food, without a pump, began to talk again. While visiting my...

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...information remains daunting. Similarly, employers attempting to assist the process are often awed by the extent of collaborations involved in integrating employees with mental health issues back to work as well as concern about compliance with human rights legislation. Needed accommodations in terms of approach to the work itself are often simple; however substantiating the need for adjustments is more complex. This case study introduces a model to support the development of shared goals and shared understandings for return to work (RTW) among workers with mental health concerns, employers, co-workers and therapists. The model of occupational competence is used as a basis to guide dialogue, identify challenges and generate solutions that take into consideration a worker’s preferences, sensitivities, culture and capacities in relationship to the occupational demands in a given workplace environment. A case study is used to demonstrate the potential utility of the model in assisting stakeholders to strengthen collaborations and partnering to achieve a shared understanding of worker and workplace needs. 1. Introduction Disclosure of mental health issues in the workplace is influenced by multiple factors including intrinsic and extrinsic issues. While there is legislation that protects a worker’s right not to disclose health information in the workplace, some workers may want to share aspects of their challenges....

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...KEY WORDS  discriminant analysis  handwriting  occupational therapy  child  validation studies In this study we sought to validate the discriminant ability of the Evaluation Tool of Children’s Handwriting– Manuscript in identifying children in Grades 2–3 with handwriting difficulties and to determine the percentage of change in handwriting scores that is consistently detected by occupational therapists. Thirty-four therapists judged and compared 35 pairs of handwriting samples. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analyses were performed to determine (1) the optimal cutoff values for word and letter legibility scores that identify children with handwriting difficulties who should be seen in rehabilitation and (2) the minimal clinically important difference (MCID) in handwriting scores. Cutoff scores of 75.0% for total word legibility and 76.0% for total letter legibility were found to provide excellent levels of accuracy. A difference of 10.0%–12.5% for total word legibility and 6.0%–7.0% for total letter legibility were found as the MCID. Study findings enable therapists to quantitatively support clinical judgment when evaluating handwriting. Brossard-Racine, M., Mazer, B., Julien, M., & Majnemer, A. (2012). Validating the use of the Evaluation Tool of Children’s Handwriting–Manuscript to identify handwriting difficulties and detect change in school-age children. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 66, 414–421.......

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...relevance in occupational therapy with children. I will discuss some of the current literature surrounding groupwork and the merits of its use in occupational therapy. I will then analyse and discuss some of the factors in groupwork which influence the outcomes and effectiveness of the group including the group composition, the establishment of long-term and short-term goals, and the therapist’s style of leading the group. I will apply these factors to a specific condition for the purpose of demonstration. Finally, I will reflect on my learning of groupwork and how it will influence my future practice. Groupwork theory and use in therapy: Groups are defined by Mosey(1973) as ‘an aggregate of people who share a common purpose which can be attained only by group members interacting and working together’( as cited in Finlay, 2001, p.3). Acording to Blair(1990, as cited in Finlay, 2001) groups are ‘intrinsic to existence’. We are involved in family groups, classroom, peer, sport, work tasks and other groups. Group work is an approach that is widely used across occupational therapy and healthcare settings. ‘Only in more recent times have group practitioners and researchers begun to explore the use of group activities as a therapeutic approach’(Barnes, Howe & Schwartzbeg, 2008). This is in line with the renewed focus on occupation-based, client-based and evidence based practice(Barnes et al., 2008). According to Yalom(1995), there is much support for group therapy in......

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