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Oceans Envitrement

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Have you every wonder how you could help the ocean environment? Many people today would like to help but really don’t know how. The environment club is a new club was started so you can help with this. In the past many see animals were killed because of waste. Many sea animals such as sharks have been over killed for food. So we want to inform you on everything you can do to prevent this from happening. And we want to show you how joining the environment club will help.

“It has been estimated that for every life that has been taken by a shark 4.5 million sharks are killed by humans.” When people kill the sharks most of the time they just leave them there to die so they are wasting them. Most people are afraid of sharks or just don’t like them around them so they instantly thing they will do something bad to them.

Sharks don’t want to attack people most of the time its not there fault and sometimes it may be by accident. As people continue to do this more and more sharks start to die. This may cause us humans to have to pay more for food or it may be hard to find a special food that you like but they may not have the fish to make it because of it.

Saving the environment could be as easy as picking a piece of trash off the floor when you’re at the beach. Much time a wave may come and such the trash in the ocean. When this happens it could dirty the water and make a sea animal die. So we are encouraging to help us and the animals live in a well balanced nature. To help us with this situation and save the fish in the ocean join the enviotmental...

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